Buddhist carvings

Linda’s works are for sale. If the below example carving is marked as “SOLD” it can be re-produced within a few weeks as Linda is open for commissions. Please contact her to discuss any request.

Mentsun Chenmo

Mentsun Chenmo is a great medicine dakini who belongs to the five long life sisters, the protectors of the Mount Everest area.




Guru Rinpoche – Padmasambhava

Guru Rinpoche

Guru Rinpoche – Padmashambava, 2019
woodcarving, huon pine 260x290mm – AVAILABLE

Mandala of the Five Elements

Mandala of the Five Elements

Mandala of The Five Elements, 2019
woodcarving, huon pine 280x280mm – AVAILABLE

Endless Knot


Endless Knot – myrtle – SOLD

The Eight Auspicious Symbols/Ashtamangala – cookie stamp


The Eight Auspicious Symbols – myrtle – SOLD

Double Vajra

Double Vajra, 2018
woodcarving, huon pine, myrtle, turquoise,
190x190mm – SOLD

Mo Divination Dice

Mo is an old Tibetan divination system where the mantra of Manjushri is used. The six syllables of the mantra appear on the six sides of the dice. After performing a ceremony that includes meditation and recitation, cast the dice two times. The examination of the answer is based on Jamgon Mipham’s book. For this special purpose a unique bog-wood was used: a timber that was found in a bog where it got blackened during an unknown (~50-500yrs) long time in that special condition…

Mo Divination Dice, 2018
woodcarving, unique bog-wood 20x20mm – AVAILABLE

The Composite of the Eight Auspicious Symbols

The Composite of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, 2018
woodcarving, myrtle 190x300mm – AVAILABLE

Om Ah Hum Cabinet

Om Ah Hum Cabinet, 2018
mahogany, huon pine, leather 340x220x160mm – SOLD

White Tara

White Tara, 2018 – myrtle, 190x290mm – SOLD


dsc09356 (2)

Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara, 2018 – myrtle, 190x290mm – SOLD

Endless Knot


Endless Knot, 2018 – myrtle, gold leafed (gilded by Martin Walker-Watson), 70x90mm – SOLD


Manjushri, 2017 – huon pine, 180x250mm – SOLD